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Flexitarian Diets

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Being flexitarian is believed to be the easiest way to switch to a plant based diet especially if you are finding it hard to give up meat.

Flexitarianism is a dietary strategy that is predominantly a plant-based yet allows for the occasional ingestion of animal products. Flexitarians prioritise plant-based meals while remaining open to including limited amounts of meat, chicken, fish, or other animal-based foods into their diet. The name “flexitarian” is derived from the words “flexible” and “vegetarian.”

Plant-based diets often have a lesser environmental footprint than animal-based diets. Flexitarians may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, land and water usage, and deforestation connected with industrial animal agriculture by lowering their intake of meat and other animal products.

In fact there are several people who are turning to a flexitarian diet so that they can give up on eating meat gradually and eventually shift to a vegetarian/vegan/plant based diet.

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