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Flooring Trends

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New age flooring solutions are all about combining utility, aesthetics, and ecology to offer solutions across spaces.

Flooring is the best way to create a good first impression and while it is often thought of as a necessity, there is so much more you can do with it.

Fine quality marbles and hardwood floorings continue to rule the scene. However, there are some unique products that have been launched like the marble tiles with mix-material inserts to create intricate patterns.

There is a heightened demand for new age flooring solutions keeping modern aesthetics as the primary focus. While natural stone tiles, marble and granite slabs have been around, consumer awareness towards sustainability has triggered a demand for environmental-friendly flooring.

Cozy room of child courtesy SPan FLoors
Cozy room of child courtesy SPan FLoors

Every element in architecture and interior design evolves and develops with time and often, older styles make a comeback. One such style is patterned tiles; Tiles like Attangudi, Moroccan tiles, Black and white patterns are now extensively used across residential and commercial interiors.

Flooring is an investment, and one of the most important factors to consider while selection is sustainability. Flooring materials like cork, artisanal wooden and burnt wood flooring, and linoleum offer beauty and natural resilience as well as less impact on the environment. Polyester berber (P.E.T) is new in the carpeted flooring segment and is made from recycled plastic and is sustainable, spill-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing.

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