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The story of Floral Art commenced in 2002 when Kavita Kapur embarked on a creative journey, nurturing her love for crafting exquisite creations. It all began with adorning her own living space using unique materials sourced from local markets. Little did she foresee that this modest beginning would eventually transform into a thriving enterprise, offering expansive, custom-designed floral decorations and gift packaging services tailored for every conceivable occasion. It was started with a simple goal  to take flowers beyond the realm of gardens and bring them into your special occasions. 

Amidst this creative odyssey, Kavita Kapur found a kindred spirit in her daughter, Srishti Kapur, who shared an equally fervent passion and a shared vision for artistic innovation. Together, they further honed their skills through formal training and education in Ikebana, the revered Japanese art form of arranging flowers.

However, over the years, we have seen a keen fondness for artificial and dried florals with a wider Each brings its own charm, the real flowers showcase an unparalleled fragrance and beauty, adding that true ‘shaadi’ essence. Our artificial florals can be personalized to mimic the delicacy of real flowers. Adding to that, most brides fall in love with the ever-lasting appeal.

Kajal Aggarwal at her wedding
Kajal Aggarwal at her wedding

“In essence, our mission revolves around enhancing your experiences through the enchantment of both real and artificial floral designs. We stand as a versatile studio catering to gifting, design, and décor, with a distinct focus on all things floral. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum – from curating wedding and event decorations to crafting wedding accessories, trousseau packaging, and the incredibly popular floral jewellery,” say the duo.

Serving as a comprehensive destination for all things floral, the brand seamlessly infuses the allure of flowers into every celebration. Through their artistic ingenuity and unwavering commitment to excellence, they craft unforgettable moments and weave the charm of blossoms into the fabric of memories.

Their new collection The Garden of Eden is like a cherished love story unfolding, each accessory in this collection becomes a reflection of the magical Garden of Eden. With the utmost love and care, every piece is thoughtfully designed, not merely as an adornment, but as a testament to the brides’ unique love stories. As they embark on a new chapter of their lives, these accessories become a cherished memory, forever entwined with the essence of their special day.

Embracing the magic of simplicity, brides can explore this mesmerizing collection, finding pieces that resonate with their own style and personality. Additionally, these pieces can be customized as per the bride’s needs. With the Garden of Eden, the grace of nature blends seamlessly with the elegance of the occasion.

Step into the world of timeless beauty and let Floral Art elevate your bridal look, making you feel like the very essence of paradise as you walk down the aisle. Head to the brand’s official website or Instagram to discover their beautiful and vibrantly blooming floral and gifting options right from wedding decor, jewellery, festive packaging, gifting, hair accessories, garlands and much more.

No matter the preference, they take pride in our versatility and craftsmanship, ensuring that every bride’s desires are met with finesse and creativity. The aim is to curate pieces that encapsulate not only the trend but also the distinct essence of each individual bride. Their triumphs in the realm of floral jewellery have propelled us forward, inspiring us to set our sights even higher.

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