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Floral Water

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The summer season has come knocking and floral waters are a great way to ensure your skin feels refreshed and nourished.

Floral Waters are 100% steam distilled hydrosols of flowers. They are basically water-soluble components of flowers. They are by-products in the process of manufacturing essential oils and have almost the same properties as the oils but are much gentler on the skin.

Floral Water courtesy Inatur
Floral Water courtesy Inatur

Floral water is made using fresh flowers in a cauldron/ vessel through which water vapour is passed. All the volatile components present in the flowers are then vapourised along with the steam and this is then passed through a condenser.

Floral waters have the same properties as essential oils, but are much gentler on the skin, easily absorbable and in general easier to use. Floral waters are excellent toners and can be used as a part of regular skincare regimen. Ideally, floral waters should be sprayed immediately after cleansing the face for toning benefits. Users can also add these fragrant waters to their DIY scrubs or as a setting spray. Some floral waters, including rose water, are great as hair tonics.

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