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Food Trends – 2022

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As we welcome the New year, it is time to check on what food trends are likely to rule our plates.

Here are the top nine food trends that are likely to make it to dining tables in the year 2022 as explained by experts.

  1. Plant-based food
  2. Smaller Menus
  3. Non-alcoholic beverages
  4. Hyper-local foods
  5. Waste-Free Cooking
  6. Fermented Foods
  7. Potato Milk
  8. Retro Foods and Authentic Flavors
  9. Savory Breakfast
Koji-aged beetroot, peach chunda, lisse_RH_Masque
Koji-aged beetroot, peach chunda, lisse_RH_Masque

A new year is always about eating right and making the right eating resolutions is easy when experts tell you what to eat and why. This story as voices from An Ode to Gaia, peAR Technologies, Renu Dalal, Novotel ibis Chennai OMR, Sage & Saffron, Masque, Heritage Novandie Foods Private Limited, Signum Hotels & Resorts, Thai Naam and Altogether Experimental.

Read the full story that first appeared in Seema Magazine’s Jan 2022 issue here:

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