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Foodverse and what it means for foodies

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All things food on the metaverse, the foodverse is here to stay as big names associate themselves in the space.

Merging the virtual with the real and creating a digital world for food is what the Metaverse version of food or Foodverse is all about. It is also a way to understand the food of your favourite chefs and their food better.

It also involves creating a unique gaming layer that allows users to claim NFTs, play food-themed games, and discover new products along the way.

Pic courtesy - OneRare
Pic courtesy – OneRare

COVID-19 has changed everything as we knew it. It’s been harsh on the Food & Hospitality industry. With lockdowns, lowered spending abilities of customers, and affected supply chains, many restaurants had to shut down. We are creating ways for the industry to leverage blockchain technology to develop a direct relationship with their audience by cutting out web2 intermediaries. Patrons can support their favourite restaurants in the same way we support our favourite influencers, while businesses can discover new markets.

The Foodverse is a great way to reach out to people from across the globe and not just India. The Metaverse is open to all and there are no boundaries or barriers as such and opens a new kind of conversation around food. The new age Gen Z generation who are largely into crypto, means brands and chefs will have to be a part of the metaverse and have their own digital avatars.

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