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Furniture and Furnishing in Hotels

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Furniture and furnishings are an important aspect of hospitality as they are not just functional but also add to the overall aesthetics of the design.

The furniture design in hospitality is taking a big turn in terms of both aesthetics and functionality even as the space becomes more bespoke and ecofriendly in its choice of materials.

The organic look and feel of reclaimed and unpolished wood are a new element that is being incorporated into interior design.

The furniture design in hospitality is taking a big turn in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. We are now at an era that is tired of the mass-produced pieces and excited for everything that is bespoke. That, for one, there is a major shift in the furniture choices for these spaces. The soft spot for such customisation has thrown more focus on the materials, fabrics and the theme they put together. The key lies in the layering various textures together.  Be it suede, velvets, or leather or texture created by tufting. Sustainable alternatives like rattan, rough wood finishes along with metals such as iron, brass or coated steel bring forth a statement that is unique to the design.

On the other hand, from a utilitarian perspective, it is evident that the pandemic has changed the way a piece of furniture interacts with a space. It is increasingly adapted in a practical manner that makes it easy to transform across a space and serve multiple functions. It is almost essential that the furnishings are flexible to re-organise and re-model as per the growing needs of the day.

Furniture and all of the interior is undergoing a digital transformation in hospitality. Motion and voice controls, mood lighting and other smart systems have revamped the link between furnishings such as light fixtures and the interior environment. More of smart LEDs, powered recliners, height adjustable tables, alarm sensor beds, convertible workstations etc. are creating a wave in the automation systems for high-end commercial and hospitality projects. 

Karma Lakelands Gurgaon
Karma Lakelands Gurgaon

As far as furnishings are concerned, architects and designers choose fabrics that create a statement, giving the guests an unforgettable memorable experience. Bold colours, Nature and Art inspired prints or patterns are some of the things that are finding their way back after the pandemic. 

Today’s hotel guest is well travelled and very aware. Comfort is still a prime requirement when it comes to furniture and furnishings. For Furniture, ease of use is taken for granted along with some surprise element thrown in. Take the basics for instance – a wardrobe and a luggage rack is the bare minimum necessity for a room and today their design has made a complete turn around from being hidden behind shutters to being a part of the room itself or concealed with clear glass shutters. The emphasis then lies on detailing the same. 

Hotels have grown from the solution for accommodation to a more elaboration station for leisure. This has replaced the glass-encased suites of the past with more extroverted spaces that open up the outdoors. Such a drastic evolution in design has brought in various ranges of garden furniture into hotel design. The spaces seek lightweight furniture like handwoven seaters and synthetic ottomans that are easy to handle, in moisture-resistant materials that are resilient to the rough Indian weather. These trends make the hotels translate as spaces that not just accommodate a person, but a lifestyle in itself. 

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