Gallery Wall Ideas – Ten Ways to Hang Family Photos

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Want to surprise your family? If yes, you should decorate the place where your family spends most of the home.

You can add family photos on the gallery wall, which look nice. It represents the bond of family members and lets you travel back in those memories through conversations.

Adding a personal touch on the wall turns a house into a home, and family photos are the best option. So, let’s have a look at some ideas to hang family photos.

Black And White Theme

No color is classy as compared to a black and white theme for your gallery wall. Select more photographs that have contrast shades and print them out in black and white color. 

You can frame your photos and uniquely order them like a wall grid. The double color theme works well against walls with dark colors.

Attach Photo with Fairy Lights

Who doesn’t like fairy lights? They are budget-friendly and look pretty, and it creates a warm effect in your home. In addition, you can easily and quickly clip your family photos with the fairy lights.

You can also do all this by yourself at home, with the help of a printer, print your family photos and clip them with lights and hang them on the gallery wall in unique ways.

Go Big With Family Canvas Prints


The canvas prints are the most artistic way of displaying your family photos. The canvas has a texture that makes your simple image look so grand. 

And the other best part is, you just have to choose the photo, upload it and select your size and style. So now, on a large blank wall, you can choose a high-resolution image and select a large horizontal canvas for it. Also, follow the rule of 60-30-10 for decoration to update walls in style.

You can create a grid of family framed prints on a big wall near the fireplace. The collage, hexagon, foam tiles, multipanel, and panoramic prints are other options for curating a personalized gallery wall.

Wooden Hanger

Decorating the gallery wall with a wooden hanger is one of the quickest and easiest ways to introduce your family photos. Collect the wooden hangers and attach your family photos to them with colorful paper clips.

It is up to you to add simple or several photos on a wooden hanger. You can even mix family photos to create your gallery wall attractively.

Add Family Photos on the Blackboard


It’s affordable and maybe fun to do; this is a project you can give to your kids. You can paste the photos on the board and draw the frame around the family photos. 

You can also add some notes or drawings on the board. The wall will look beautiful in your gallery, and everyone will appreciate that you are artistic and talented. In addition, it gives you quality time.

Hold the Photos with Clipboard

You can frame your family photos with the help of a clipboard. If you already have the clipboards lying around at home, you can use them, no need to buy a new one.

The material of the clipboard should be materialistic such as wooden, plastic, glass and customizes, etc. Easily, you can clip the family photos on the clipboard and hang them on the gallery wall, which looks tremendous.

Dress All the Frames in Black

Make sure that you choose the frame of each of the photos only in Black. It will help to add a fresh or serene look to the interior. For example, you can hang these black frames on the wall facing the front door, visible in the living room.

A black frame is an excellent way to express things while keeping a warm or welcoming photo display. Make sure to ignore the posed photos and opt for the random one to create an impactful presentation.

Add Photo with Tape

You can take a printout of your family photos, and instead of its frame, you can use colorful tapes. Of course, it would be best to use different tape around each image until they look attractive and you don’t take your eyes off that wall.

Everyone likes this idea and will ask who gave this unique idea, and that guest will say that he will apply this idea at his home.

Mix Big or Small Photos

One another amazing way is to mix large and small wall arts. You can create a gallery wall in your living room with personal photos and some exceptional wall arts like canvas. You can choose from a variety of magnificent living room wall arts which will take the customization to the next level. 

You can either hang a large  canvas in the center and arrange random photographic shots around it. Or you can balance the galley wall with large pieces at bottom left and lighter pieces on the top right. A mix and match gallery wall will look gorgeous on any wall.

Final Words

Wall art gives a final look to your interior. Of course, there are many different ways to create an eye-catching art piece as per your taste or need. But, this gallery wall is a great way to decorate with your family photos for a special event. Hopefully, you will get inspiration from these ideas.

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