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‘Geometry and Art’ Show at Apparao Galleries

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A new show in Chennai’s Apparao Galleries titled ‘Geometry and Art’ is an ode to the relationship between the two.

This art show whose theme is math and geometry and its meeting with art and how the artists interpret geometric ideas. The artists R.M. Palaniappan, P. Gopinath, Dhasan, N Ramachandran and Arvind Sundar are all from Tamil Nadu and have their own take on geometry.

Art and geometry have an important relationship especially when it comes to aesthetics, balance, rhythm, spirituality, and life. “Whether it is the cyclical phases of the moon, the earth’s movement, Fibonacci sequences, or the concept of Shunya, ratios and proportions are present across nature. Maths and art remain beautifully interwoven in our aesthetics through the test of time and our ancestors have not just used these concepts in stunning artefacts, monuments, and art but they have also left concepts that have stood the test of time that helps us build our future with a blend of math and art,” explains Sharan Apparao, Owner, Apparao Galleries.

Lines and shapes have a meaning that is clearly more than what meets the eye, and this is a show that aims to help you change your perspective on how you perceive this.  

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