Green Trends Salon Review

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A salon session at Green Trends is exactly what the doctor ordered to pamper yourself and ensure you are able to make some me time.

Caught up with a slew of deadlines, I was having a rather tough week when I decided to take some time off and de-stress. This is when I decided to take a salon break and headed to Green Trends salon and decided to try a pedicure and hair spa to relax.

Mane Matters

I met Ramesh, senior stylist who first sanitised his hands and physically checked my hair. He then did a hair analysis using a skin and hair analyser camera and observed that I had a dry scalp and recommended the Wella Professionals Hair Spa that has three benefits of controlling hair fall, dandruff and dryness. He first washed my hair with System Professional (SP) smoothen shampoo and patted it dry. Then he applied the SP Balance Scalp Mask that helps reduce sensitivity through its soothing intensive treatment. The product is applied all over the scalp using a brush. This is followed by application of a smoothen mask mixed with a volume infusion that is applied on the hair as the infusion helps in adding volume to the hair. He then massages the hair thoroughly checking with me if the pressure is right. After a quick shoulder massage, he gives a hair steam to add moisture to the hair while removing unwanted toxins and aid penetration of the products used. The steam is given for 5 to 7 minutes based on the length and thickness of the hair. After running his fingers through my hair after the steam he asks me to wait for a couple of minutes so the temperature of the hair comes down and then using plain water rinses the hair thoroughly. Then my hair is towel dried and energy serum is applied on the scalp and smoothened into the hair and allowed to emulsify for a couple of minutes. He then applied Wella Luxe Oil serum to add a smooth sheen to the hair. My hair is then blow dried and am glad that post the treatment my hair and me are both happy.

Happy Feet

Soundarya a senior beautician did my pedicure and the first thing I noticed at the station were the rose petals floating in the water. After looking at my feet she suggested a signature ice cream pedicure. The first step was a lemon flavoured ice cream bomb (as the product is called) lowered into the water which quickly melts and the advantage of this product is its ability to retain moisture and also softens cracks which is great for my dry skin. My feet are allowed to soak in the water for a few minutes. She then shapes and files my nails as they are quite short. Then cuticle cream is applied on the cuticles using a cuticle pusher that removes the cuticle growth and dead cells. Once done she uses a cotton piece to rub it off and then scrapes off the dead skin around the nails. Then using a scraper the dead skin is removed from the back of my feet and a wooden spatula is used to smoothen the skin at the back of my legs. A cleanser is massaged onto my legs which helps remove dead cells. After this my legs are rinsed with warm water and a scrub is applied which also helps in tan removal. Rinsing my feet in warm water, she towel dries the feet and applied a pack with a brush again for tan removal. I am asked to keep the pack on for 10 to 15 minutes till it dries. In the meanwhile, I am asked to choose the colour of my nail polish and I am also told the salon uses its own brand of nail polish. The pack is washed off with warm water and my feet are dried.  A pedicure candle is lit and then she takes a massage cream to which a few drops of the candle wax is added and the feet is given a nice intensive massage. Wiping the nails with a towel she first applies a base coat which aids in keeping the nails clean preventing the cuticles from turning yellow and also helps prevent nail paint chipping. She finishes the session with two coats of nail paint and my feet have just had the best one hour of pampering and relaxation.

Fact File

  • Name of The Salon: Green Trends, Banashankari
  • Established: 2018
  • Founders: C.K. Ranganathan
  • Architect: Cavinkare Pvt. Ltd. Trends Division In house team
  • Area/Size: 2288 sq. ft.
  • Treatment rooms: 6
  • Number of estheticians: 13
  • Signature Service: Illumina Facial, Oxygen Facial,  Fashion Colouring and Two-step safe straightening
  • Timings: 08:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.
  • Contact: 080-43722533
  • Address: No. 2469, 1st Floor, 24th Cross, Banashankari, 2nd Stage,Bangalore-560070
  • Website:

This story first appeared in the Sep 2019 issue of Style Speak here:

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