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Grooming Men

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While International Men’s Day celebrated on November 19th every year has passed, it is time to focus on men’s grooming, an aspect that is less spoken about.

As gender dynamics change, a conversation that needs attention is grooming in men. The way you present yourselves makes a huge impact, at work or in your social circles and it gives you a lot of confidence to be the best version of yourself. The more you pay attention to personal grooming, the more you bring out who you truly are. Old Navy has several items to help.

Men’s grooming, for a very long time, has been restricted to a few products, limiting the overall scope of this concept. Why grooming is necessary for men is down to simple things that seem obvious but were ignored or overlooked for far too long:

• Grooming ties directly to physical appearance
• Being well groomed elevates your self-confidence and self-esteem
• Grooming is a critical part of maintaining personal hygiene
• Well-groomed men exude positive vibes and attract people
• Smart, confident, and good-looking men have one thing in common: they are always well groomed

Being well groomed is a way of life that reflects in your state of mind and state of being in general. While grooming may mean different things to different people, here are a few ways in which you can ensure that you are always on top of your grooming game:
• Keep your body hair down to a bare minimum
• Use high-quality trimmers (separate ones for your beard and body)
• If you prefer shaving, ensure you maintain a regular shaving routine
• Instead of soaps or shower gels, use a delicate intimate wash down there
• Make sure you always smell good – bad odour is a strict no-no
• Use hair care and styling products to keep your hairstyle and quality intact
• Always dress well and occasion-appropriate
The key to being well groomed lies in maintaining a consistent grooming ritual and using the right products. After all, no matter what they say, a book is almost always judged by its cover.

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