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Hair Myths Busted

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When it comes to hair care there are several opinions that have been passed down as the gospel truth, however, the reality is far from the same.

A comprehensive hair care routine is as important as skin care and it is something that is often compromised. However, what is important is that one understands what is good for the hair and more importantly what is not. Dr Renita Rajan, who was the first dermatologist to introduce the cutting-edge Picosecond laser technology in India at RENDER Clinic and the India KOL for the advanced MRF device, Morpheus, with its advanced applications for treating body skin laxity and acne scars debunks common hair myths.

Here are some myths:

  • Keep your hair tied or in a braid every day
  • Avoid conditioner if you have thin or fine hair
  • Healthy hair needs at least 100 brush strokes every day
  • Keep a long gap between shampoos and blowouts to reduce hair loss and damage.
  • Frequent hair trims ensure faster hair growth
  • Your hair gets used to the same shampoo
  • Your hair is shinier if you give it a last cold-water rinse

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