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Healthcare Innovations

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A slew of new innovations is promising to help Indians invest better on their health in the looming shadow of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Here are 15 such innovations:

Price: starts at Rs.2400
Usage: Hospitals

Globus ULV Disinfectant Fogger
Price: Rs 30000-35000
Usage: Office, Crowded public spaces

Linc Pentonic Covid-19 Killer
Price: Rs 150
Availability: Retail stores, Stationery shops, Pharmacies, Amazon & Flipkart.
Usage: Home, Office, Travel

Cough against COVID by Wadhwani Institute
Availability: to be launched soon
Usage: Cough samples can be given from any place using a smartphone.

IIT Madras Researchers Develop ‘Hyperelastic Model’ to understand Brain Injuries
Availability: Model being implemented
Usage: Hospitals

Price: Rs. 14399 (33 Ltr)
Usage: Home, Office

PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator)
Price: Rs. 10000
Usage: Offices, Crowded places

PregRX Pregnancy Test
Price: Rs 225
Usability: Home, Travel

Shuddhi Basket
Price: starts from Rs. 2999
Availability:, Amazon, GEM, (in Dubai)
Usage: Home, Office

Price: Rs 5,500
Availability: In development stage. Will be launched in the market within 6-8 months.
Usage: Home, Office, Travel

Bosch Digital Pathology Solution
Price: Combination of one-time device sale (Capex) & algorithm as a consumable (subscription) based model
Availability: Commercial sale by 2021
Usage: Office

Axiostat Rolled Gauze
Price: Rs 500 onwards
Usage: Home, office, travel


GOQii Smart Vital smartwatch
Price: Rs. 5999
Availability: Can be ordered from the GOQii App, Amazon, Flipkart

Portable multi-functional UV-C Sterilizer & Wireless charger
Price Rs. 6000
Usage: Home, Office, Travel.

Powered Exoskeleton
Price: Approximately Rs. 25 Lakhs
Availability: The product will be launched in November 2020 and will be available PAN India.
Usage: Any injured person can use this.

Price: Rs. 7999
Availability: Amazon and
Usage: Home, Office, Travel

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