Heritage Hampi Spa – review

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Heritage Hampi Spa is a haven of relaxation, restoration and transformation that ensures your body, mind and soul are pampered using authentic Ayurvedic remedies.

Spread over eight acres and set amidst an organic mango, coconut and vegetable organic farm, Heritage Resort Hampi is a getaway that is both quaint and luxurious. Located in Hospet district, this resort is all things green and the in house spa Ayurshala is a wonderful way to detach from urban life.

Natural Vistas 

The two storied spa Ayurshala, is set amidst verdant landscapes and the steps that lead you to the spa include a blue lily pond that sets the tone for a relaxing session ahead. The spa focuses on traditional Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system. The massages, facials and beauty and body treatments use locally made organic products and is guaranteed to send you into a blissful trance. Treatments offered at the spa include Abhyanga, Udvarthana, Shirodhara, Shirobhyanga, Padabyanga, Janu Basti, Greeva Basti, Kati Basti, Netra Tarpana and more. All treatments are Ayurvedic and there are special programs for Vata Care, Pitta Care and Kapha Care – the three body conditions in Ayurveda. There are also Ayurvedic treatments for facial or Soundaryavardhini, manicure or Karaskhubakari and pedicure or Padashubakari. The treatments are recommended post a consultation with the in house doctor. You can take benefit of the diverse and wide-ranging array of experts and therapists who work here as a great addition to your stay here. From soothing spa therapies, to wellness consultations, and balanced movement programs – this experience will ensure you are able to reconnect with yourself.

The Abhyanga

The rooms at the spa are furnished simplistically and the pop of colour comes from the wall paintings that depict Buddha in a larger than life form. My room was on the first floor and was bright and airy overlooking a mango plantation. My masseur Chaitanya from Mysore did my Abhyanga therapy. This is a whole body massage and she started by explaining this and stating that the one hour session would first do the head neck and shoulder massage and then do the face and full body massage followed by steam and shower. She also insisted that if I felt any discomfort at any time, I should let her know so that she could take care of me. The treatment uses herbal medicated oil with a base of coconut and sesame and 24 kinds of herbs that is made at an Ayurvedic center. After changing I was asked to first sit on a small wooden seat. She started the therapy with a prayer and when I asked her she explained that this is a prayer to the God of health Dhanwantri for the success of the same. She started with a head massage first applying the oil in sections on my hair and then started with an invigorating massage that relaxed me immediately. After this she applied the warm oil on my neck and shoulders and evenly massaged them to ensure that all the tension in my muscles was released. Once done she asked me to lie face up and started with a face massage and continued on my neck as well. Then she started with my stomach and hands that she massaged with warm oil using pressure from her fingers and palms to remove all the stress and strain from my body. After this she massaged my legs one after the other and then asked me to turn around and massaged my back, legs and hands again. After about 45 minutes the massage was complete and I was led to a traditional wooden steam chamber where I sat for five minutes and headed for a shower. The Abhyanga is a treatment is intended to remove toxins from the body and after the session I could feel light and relaxed. And I was certainly not complaining as this was a great way to enhance my Hampi trip to another level.

Fact File

Founders: Sunirmol Ghosh
Architect: Praveen
Area/Size: 40 X 30 Sq feet
Treatment rooms: 4
Number of estheticians: 6 Therapies(3 Male & 3 Female) and1 Doctor
Signature Treatment: Panchakarma
Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Contact: 08394294600
Address: 48/C & 4B, Hosamalapanagudi, Hospet Taluk, SH 49, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

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