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High Pressure Laminates

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High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are a superior version of regular laminates. Greater in thickness, it also comes along with a substrate and has numerous applications. Naturally, both vendors and architects are using them in myriad ways in architecture and interiors.

HPL can be used as a cladding material for buildings. These are sturdy, water-proof, and termite-proof. Another advantage HPL has over laminates is, that it can directly be cladded onto a surface, whereas laminates must be pressed on the ply first. HPL can be used for facades, kitchens, libraries, wardrobes, wall paneling and can even be used on doors, granting a unique texture and detailing.

High pressure laminates
High pressure laminates

With exceptional applicability and easy maintenance, these laminates take centre stage for interior installations. Their advantageous uncomplicated customisation helps make it possible for HPL to create panels with purpose-made designs and special decor to suit the application needs. Both aesthetic and functional aspects of its application on the interior surfaces can be easily considered with the abundance of its choices in patterns and finishes.

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