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HMT Musuem, Bengaluru

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The recently opened HMT Heritage Center and Museum is the best way to turn back time and take a trip down memory lane even as you revisit the legacy of Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT).

If you grew up in the 70s and the 80s the iconic watch brand HMT is will resonate with you quite immediately. The brand that was synonymous with wrist watches (and shut shop in 2016), has now opened a museum that pays homage to not just its iconic watches but also its other divisions like tractors, machine tools, bearings and lamps. And if you want to learn all about how a watch is put together, what role did HMT play in Indian railways and also take a tractor ride, head to the HMT Heritage Center and Museum in Jalahalli. Personally for me this connect was amplified as my father worked at HMT and the brand was a big part of my childhood. My first watch was a HMT timepiece that my father had bought and my tenth class school project was on HMT Tractors and Machine Tools, so I headed here full of anticipation.

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