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If there is one space in a home that brings the outdoors inside it is your balcony. Naturally, this is the one space that can be a retreat from the humdrum of urban life. Apart from plants, the balcony is a space that can be so much more. If you are wondering how, read on as we tell you how you can do up your balcony to create a space that is your own.

A Cosy Nook

Even if your balcony is small, you can add some character to it by adding couches, a small coffee table and a wooden themed wall. “Try to pick colours that are not too flashy but are cool in the eyes as they blend well together. Make a statement out of your balcony by adding something antique or old. You can also try experimenting with spray paint that you can apply on the balcony walls. A balcony is the perfect place for book lovers to kick back and dive into the world of imagination. Decorate your balcony with tiny bookshelves and paint it in light colours so that the natural daylight can easily enter and illuminate the place. If you feel like you want your balcony to look more natural, do not hesitate to pile up smooth pebbles that can also serve as your outdoor doormat on the balcony,” says Sagar Datta, Interior Designer, Casa Interio. Space should not hinder you from making your balcony comfortable so add a couch, throw pillows and bottled scented candles and voila you have a magical space in your own home. Priyanka Mehra- Principal Architect, PS Design Mumbai adds, “plants have the power to transform any space into cozier and welcoming. Smaller spaces require smarter furniture, double up a trunk as a seating space. Use furniture which can be stacked on top of each other or can be folded. Even a large floor cushion in outdoor fabrics can be aesthetic and functional.”


Do it Right

Since the balcony is an outdoor space and is usually uncovered, ensure that the materials used can face seasonal vagaries. Some materials can withstand heat but not rain or vice versa. Choose materials that can adapt to all kinds of weather conditions. “Plan a special lighting arrangement for evenings. Fairy lights can adorn the circumference of the balcony or a single lamp can create a nice mood for relaxing. Plan your balcony very meticulously. Since it is a very small area, planning becomes very important. Make sure the furniture or plants do not make the place too cluttered. Arrange the plants along the edge of the balcony. This will leave room for walking around. Do not place more than three pieces of furniture in the balcony. These could be a reclining chair, a coffee table, a swing, or a combination of any of these. Use hanging or suspended pots to save space on the floor. Make sure the hook or provision on the ceiling is strong enough to balance the weight of the plant,” advices Datta.


Light is Right

A balcony is a space that will immensely benefit from the use of mood and intelligent lighting. “Since a balcony is open at least at one end open to the outside and using a false ceiling to add light fixtures that can be automated to create a mood lighting environment. Usually this is a space that is used later in the evenings and hence light solutions are a great decor and design element in balconies,” says Architect Harshavardhana, Principal Architect, Harshavardhana Architects & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. In fact wood clad ceilings are becoming popular as well and the balcony is a great place to have this. You can also use blinds to control the quantity of natural light that enters the balcony.


Ideas Unlimited

A balcony is a place which should be an extension of your personality. You can have bright colour tiles as a flooring option or can go for tiles that give a wooden effect. Chandrakanth Shetty-General Manager South, Mirage Ceramics avers, “you can have a simple setting where you can just have a swing with colourful cushions that make the area look colourful. You can also have lights around the area. To compliment this setting you can use mosaic pattern tiles or polished tiles that are different shades of white like cream and off white.” Kashish Sajnani, Founder and Managing Director, HomesScope, adds, “transform your balcony with a quaint picket fence to give it a cozier look. You can even opt for wall built in furniture’s for a more proportional view.  Sometimes, all you need is a swing chair to make the best use of a small balcony. Just imagine curling up in it with a book and nodding off into a blissful weekend afternoon siesta. Install a vertical garden at the balcony that can use self-irrigated systems. One way to make a narrow balcony comfy is by decking it out with an L-shaped outdoor sofa that’s of the right proportions. You can place it to face inwards so that folks relaxing outdoors can still interact with those in the living room.” So if you thought your balcony was a space that was not being used – think again and have fun making your balcony useful!

Balcony Ideas from Ayushi Kanodia and Parakh Jindal ofAyushi Kanodia Designs

Forest: One can have a forest themed look for this space. With planters and artificial grass, water feature and some elegant lights will provide your balcony a unique look.

Lounge: If one just wants to relax in the balcony, the best way would be having comfy lounge chairs and a coffee table. This way they can enjoy the space lounging and reading their favorite book. One can also opt for having a good Sunday brunch out in the balcony enjoying the view and the cool breeze.

Play area: If you enjoy some table tennis or some other recreational sport, then you can add a good table tennis table or a pool table in the balcony. This can be finished with some nice spot lights.

Bar: If one enjoys drinks, having a good well stocked bar in the balcony is good idea. Place some leather bar stools to enjoy the drinks and the view in of the night. This could serve as an amazing idea to chill and relax with friends!

This story appeared in the Sep 8th 2017 issue of Deccan herald here.

All pics in this post are courtesy HomesScope.

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