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Apartment 901 by UnBox Design is a home that is not about boxed-in rooms but rather a fluid space that fosters togetherness and connection.

Done up in pastel hues this home has a monochrome look and soft daylight and gentle breeze spilling into the rooms are amplified by this muted colour scheme. As one moves along the central corridor, the soft creams and beige give way to the warmth of browns. Walnut wood on the false ceiling continues onto the corridor wall and is a graceful backdrop to the monochrome photographs on display. A concealed door in this wall leads to the kitchen.

Lights were sourced from White Teak and Jainsons and the team has used a combination of cove lighting, track lighting, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces. Key pieces of furniture have been custom-made by master craftsmen using high-quality materials.

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