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It’s the dawn of a new season, so why not show your home some love by giving it a spanking new makeover.

It’s that time of the year once again when there is new season in the offing. And your home is where you can shower all the love with a dash of colour. Wondering how, well we tell you.

Décor Mantra

Your home is an extension of your personality. Which is why something as simple as arranging a bunch of flowers and a candlelight dinner can be the perfect setting to kindle and rekindle your love for your home. Shubhojit Mahalanobis, General Manager, Danube Home says, “a red table runner with a couple of crystal glasses along with a decanter to pour out the wine instead of taking it from a bottle adds that classy touch to the table set up. A love seat would be a great idea and a good buy.” A home makeover is always something that is an ongoing effort and you can use any day as an excuse to clean up and de-clutter. Deena Rodriques, Owner and Creative director of Chairs & Company advice, “if you have not needed it in the last six months, you do not need it at all. Give it away to someone more deserving. Attack your lofts and basements with this idea in mind and feel lighter already. Take courage and encourage a green thumb by surrounding yourself with the best form of green plants. Plants can purify the air within your space. Taking care of them requires commitment, and this goes hand in hand with love.”

Courtesy Hive Home
Courtesy Hive Home

Light it Right

Scented candles and dim lights can never go wrong. “If you don’t have scented candles, make-do with quick fixes like orange peel, cloves and a tea light candle to give your home that citrus and spice scented smell. Also, dim the lights or use fairy lights to set up a romantic mood. Both the scented candles and lighting effect are sufficient to give your house the look and feel of a cozy, warm evening,” says Lakshmi Narasimhan, AVP, QuikrEasy. A home makeover needs to have a personalized touch for enhancing the mood. “Aromatic candles in form of a pillar candle, tea-lights, jar and tin container can be placed on the coffee table, side table and other nook and corner of the house for soft light and fragrance. One can also give a spin to their decor with beautiful ultrasonic diffusers. The enthralling design of such diffusers makes a captivating visual art piece with warm light, adding to the romantic ambiance along with seamless aromatizing. Ceramic tea-light diffuser is another way of creating beautiful light effects and adding an aromatic element to the key areas,” says Kiran Ranga, Master Fragrance Creator and Managing Director, Ripple Fragrances. Using multiple low – intensity light sources across the room will help to create season’s atmosphere. “One can go for fiber optic lights and can adjust as desire; a nice red candle stand or candle can be placed on centre table for a romantic night. If you want the magic to continue throughout the year, investing in a few lamps will be a great idea,” says Shivangi Shah, Proprietor and Creative Head, Hive Home.

Courtesy Pepperfry
Courtesy Pepperfry

Do the New

Pick intricately carved teacups filled with blush-toned satchels atop heart-shaped tea saucers. Place these upon a tablescape that is adorned with Victorian candle-stands and T-lights. “Add a new lease on life in a muted living room by adding cushy love seats. If your style is more casual-chic, then setup an elaborate picnic for two in your balcony complete with a warm beverage, your favorite playlist and the comfort of a stellar rattan swing. Replace the basic tube lights with eclectic hanging pendants, tea lights and candles to infuse a dreamy element to the space. Finish the look with potted columbine’s and pansies to add an au naturel appeal to the space while also infusing a hint of romance in the air,” says Arshi Mukri, Design Expert, Pepperfry. So get ready to give your home a splash of colour and see the magic come alive.


  • A touch of velvet would be a great addition, maybe as a throw on your sofa to snuggle up to
  • Try and avoid soft toys or the heart-shaped cushion and do not go overboard with one colour.
  • Neon lights with messages on them are in.
  • Creating a memory wall with images and different kind of photo frames all placed together is a good idea.
  • Choose wisely with accessories such as lights, a throw, candles or frames without going for major changes as you might not feel those are great buys once the season is over.

This story first appeared in The Hindu dated Nov 15, 2019 here

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