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Materials and products used in hospital interiors need to not just be functional but also serve the purpose within a space that is geared towards helping people recover.

In healthcare settings, the exposed walls, hallways, and stairways are often prone to tremendous contact with people. Hence architects and interior product companies must design these spaces keeping these considerations in mind.

A hospital is a unique ecosystem and there is a range of products specially designed for various environments within the hospital. Orientbell’s Anti-Static tiles are built for places like MRI rooms, Operation theatres and more when an electric spark can trigger harm.

KalingaStone Marble floor & staircase  at Manipal Hospital, Jaipur _Classic Marble Company
KalingaStone Marble floor & staircase at Manipal Hospital, Jaipur _Classic Marble Company

REHAU, a German-based brand has emerged as a top provider in the furniture market with its well-expanded product portfolio, engineering innovation, robust developmental capabilities and decentralized sales and services.

Marbles are made from purely natural materials and are safer for health purposes. It is not just aesthetically pleasing for interiors in hospitals but is also convenient for daily usage as the products are less porous, hard, and easy to maintain.

Choosing the ideal sanitary ware and fittings for any organization is a matter of safety and efficiency in addition to aesthetics. Sanitary ware is an essential item in every hospital.

In comparison to other industries, the healthcare industry focuses more on hygiene standards to ensure that the risks of spreading bacteria are minimal.

Recent innovation in material technology such as double-charged and full body tiles, and even Vinyl which offer better resilience to high traffic and enhanced availability, are slowly making their way into healthcare settings, as a plausible alternative to the conventional materials.

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