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The MICE segment in India will grow manifolds in the years to come. A lot of corporates are now also looking at domestic destinations for hosting incentive groups, which augurs well for hospitality players in the country.  The way India is emerging in the global market it is certain that India is poised to grow and shine as a leading MICE destination in the coming years but at the same time there is a need for international standards facilities, which is an area we still need to work on.

MICE has seen a tremendous progressive shift in the past few years, courtesy the pandemic changes to company cultures, the technological leaps in recent times, and the changing attitudes with regards to wellbeing and the environment.

The MICE industry has gone for a complete overhaul. It has moved beyond the formal phase and now revolves around offering tailormade experiences. Today, events are not merely seen as tasks that should follow an itinerary or schedule. Earlier, corporate events were usually followed by high-tea or cocktail dinners. This trend has taken a backseat and today, engaging activities and experiential elements have become an important part of MICE events. Additionally, we now see equal importance being given to team building and employee offsites along with seminars, workshops, conferences, summits, etc. While the budget was a dealbreaker earlier, today, organizations are ready to incur the added expenditure for organizing such lavish, experiential stays for employee welfare and engagement. This is prompting event planners and properties to upscale their services and focus on entertainment and wellness amenities as well.  

Great Ballroom at JW Marriott Chandigarh
Great Ballroom at JW Marriott Chandigarh

With the MICE segment performing impressively, hotels all over the nation are experiencing and expecting substantial increases in their revenue.

  • Event apps, virtual networking platforms, and interactive digital tools became more common to engage attendees and enhance event participation
  • The industry began offering more personalized experiences, which included tailoring content and sessions to individual preferences and providing unique options
  • India’s diverse landscape allowed for a wide range of MICE destinations, beyond the traditional metros. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities gained popularity as emerging destinations for events, offering unique experiences and cost advantages
  • Incorporating wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and wellness zones into events was gaining traction as attendees were seeking ways to balance work and personal health.
  • Personalization: Hotels excel at tailoring experiences to meet specific needs. From customized event spaces to curated menus, they can create unique atmospheres that resonate with attendees and reflect the event’s objectives.
  • All-in-One Convenience: Hotels often provide a comprehensive package that includes event spaces, accommodations, catering, and technical support. This convenience streamlines the planning process for organizers and enhances the attendee experience.
  • Top-Notch Infrastructure: Hotels invest in state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, technological capabilities, and ergonomic seating arrangements. These features are essential for delivering impactful presentations and engaging discussions.
  • Comprehensive Amenities: Hotels offer a range of amenities beyond event spaces, including restaurants, wellness facilities, and recreational options. These amenities enhance the overall event experience and provide attendees with opportunities to relax and unwind.

Hotels are typically located in urban centres or well-connected areas, making them easily accessible for attendees. Proximity to airports, public transportation, and local attractions can make attending the event more convenient. Hotels often offer comprehensive facilities, including meeting rooms, conference halls, exhibition spaces, accommodation, restaurants, and recreational amenities. This all-in-one setup simplifies the planning process and provides attendees with everything they need under one roof.

Moreover, hotels provide on-site accommodation options, ranging from standard rooms to suites, which is especially beneficial for multi-day events. Attendees can stay within proximity to the event venue, reducing travel time and logistical challenges.

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