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Ikat in Home Decor

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The Warp and the Weft

Incorporating the beautiful symmetrical and geometric patterns of Ikat into your home can give it a beautiful makeover very easily.

There is something alluring about the Ikat weaves. Perhaps it stems from the fact that it is a traditional handloom one or just that it is so pleasing on the eyes. Naturally then it is a great way to give your home that is as contemporary as is traditional. For the uninitiated, Ikat is a printing technique used on fabric in which warp or weft threads, or both are tie-dyed before weaving.

Alankaram - Bhrami and Kisasa Chairs
Alankaram – Bhrami and Kisasa Chairs

Décor Cues

While it is common to see the use of the fabric is upholstery there are many ways to use it as part of home décor. In fact thinking slightly out of the box will give you loads of ideas of how you can make the most of the fabric. Mithun S. Sheth, CEO, AMA Design Solutions Pvt Ltd. opines, “use smaller block prints for pillow covers and small wall hangings and bigger block prints for upholstery of sofas, drapery or large cushions.” Ikat is an ancient traditional technique, but using it in your space will make your room feel modern, vivid and eye-catching, it has the potential to stand apart in every space. Kavi Chaudhary, Head of Design, Jaipur Rugs Company says, “liven up your hallway or an empty pathway with fun Ikat patterned runners. Add character and personality to spaces beyond your living room. If you have a thing for quirky walls, go for an Ikat wallpaper to create one. The beautiful Ikat wallpaper will make any space edgy and interesting, even when it is just a single wall. To add some life to your washroom, you can opt for an Ikat shower curtain or an Ikat printed accent rug.” A printed Ikat rug can spruce up even the dullest of spaces. Choose an artsy Ikat rug that compliments your furniture and you can place it around your central sitting space, use it as a bedside rug or more so, simply use it as an option for an outside rug. “Ikat fabrics and patterns are so diverse that they can fit in almost any interiors. Ikat upholstery fabrics can make an impeccable impact in any modern or traditional home. These colorful fabrics are a perfect add-on as accent chairs, sofas and throw pillows to add vibrancy to the room,” avers Anupriya Sahu, Architect and Designer, Alankaram.

Asumi Rawat Desiign Ikat Electric Board
Asumi Rawat Desiign Ikat Electric Board

Get it Right

Being a bold fabric, it is always better to measure the use of Ikat in home décor. Jasmine Roy- AVP Design & Marketing Obeetee says, “Ikat does well with an otherwise minimalist décor and owing to its captivating appearance, it is best to keep Ikat limited to one to two accessories in each room. An eclectic space lends itself to liberal use of colourful ikats.” You could use it for creating curtains to highlight window spaces or replace puff leather headboards. Asumi Rawat, Founder, Asumi Rawat Desiign avers, “Ikat is a strong element of design so one should not use too much of it in space; it has to be used as an accent piece to enhance the interiors. It has a strong pattern and is a statement piece by itself. If used in cushions, it should be used with different patterns put together and not similar patterns.” For living rooms, Ikat found its presence all over in upholstered armchairs as statement pieces or framed wall arts. What can also be explored is an Ikat throw on a muted bench. Radeesh Shetty, Founder, The Purple Turtles says, “an interesting way of using it is by wall-papering only a section of a muted coloured wall to give a needed break from monotony. The trick to team it well is by adding matching upholstery to the dining chairs seats as well.” Ikat offers endless ideas for home décor so you can pick and choose what works for you – time to get creative.

Alankaram - Uru chair set
Alankaram – Uru chair set


  • Avoid going overboard with ikat on large surface areas which may not be too pleasing to the eyes.
  • Do not pair with floral or geometric patterns.
  • Wall hangings with a combination of mirrors and framed Ikat fabric will liven up and create a focus point on an otherwise mundane wall.

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