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Immunity Drinks

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Even as the country battles the surge in COVID-19, it is time to build your immunity with these drinks that you can make at home.

While India is seeing a huge spike in the Coronavirus cases, the focus is once again about immunity. If you have good immunity, there are fewer chances of the virus making you sick.

Organic Hibiscus Mojito
Organic Hibiscus Mojito

Fortunately, using simple ingredients at home, you can make yourself these immunity boosters that can come in handy as you fight the COVID-19 virus. Here are some easy to make drinks:

Alkalizing Greens Juice
Kashmiri Kawa Tea
GCL (Ginger, Cucumber & lime) Cooler
Organic Hibiscus Mojito
Yellow Milk

Read the recipes and full story that first appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated April 26, 2021 here:

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