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Importance of skin cleansing

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The importance of cleansing well especially for acne prone skin is something that is non-negotiable.

Acne is a common skin ailment that needs addressing by using the right kind of cleansers. Acne is not just on the face but also on the back and therefore the importance of a proper cleansing routine can hardly be over emphasized. 

Cleansing can help in controlling acne but did you know that back acne is the second most common type of acne on the body, trailing only acne on the face? Because the pores on the back are larger than those on other parts of the body, they are more easily clogged and as the pores on the back are larger, lesions on the back are usually larger, more painful, and more widespread than those on the face.

A cleanser dissolves away excess oil, and makeup from your face. It is mostly gentle, creamy, gel, or watery based. For sensitive and very dry skin it’s always better to choose a cleanser whereas for oily skin it is better to opt for face wash as it cleanses the pores.

So, acne typically forms due to over production of sebum or oil and dead skin cells build up. This build-up blocks skin pores and bacteria can trigger an inflammatory response. Usually since the face is one part that’s exposed to the environment, we tend to take care of it more than the back.

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