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Indie Stays Mumbai – a new way to stay

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Indie Stays brings a new luxury homelike accommodation with its new accommodation that marries a hotel with a hostel.

Indie Stays
Indie Stays

Located in the heart of Kalina in Mumbai, this new age property is an urban sanctuary for the laid-back luxury traveler. When Rohit Shetty, Owner of Indie Stays went on a trip to South East Asia, he stayed in a property that was a unique blend between a hotel and a hostel where he felt he was constantly discovering new things while feeling quite at home. It was then that he realised the need for it in India. “Most hotels in India follow a lavish breakfast buffet, round-the-clock housekeeping and laundry facilities and use the same formulas to deliver similar kinds of service. Indie Stays goes beyond all these age-old practices and provides a luxury ambience with a homelike atmosphere with no rules and a welcoming vibe for guests.” Designed by father-son duo, Arch. Dipak Kamat and Arch. Kshitij Kamat, the space is done as per the client’s design and budget requirements.

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