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Innovative Facades

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Facades are an important architectural concept that gives a built space its identity and look which makes it a vital design element. A facade is the exterior look and feel of a space that is like the face of a built construction. Naturally then designing the facade is an architectural consideration that needs much thought.

Courtesy Span Floors
Courtesy Span Floors

New Vistas

Facades are the most important building element from both users and architects’ point of view. Designers are constantly researching and experimenting with new kinds of facades using different materials like rusted iron panels, copper, even high-pressure laminates, wood and wood finishes. “The new age innovation in facades today revolve around users comfort along with being energy efficient. The use of sustainable and eco-friendly material is finding a market in demand for itself in the facades industry,” says Saurabh Sood, Founder- Nature Homes. Häfele offers specially-engineered range of ultra-compact slabs from Dekton (Spain) that can be used for exterior applications like wall-cladding. Vikas Pandita, Product Manager, Surfaces and Water Solutions, Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. avers, “the material is impervious and does not allow moisture to settle on the walls, resisting the development of agents like fungus. It also helps in conservation of energy as the external heat is not easily transferred to the insides of the building and vice versa.” In the past, the façade methodology remained complementary to the structural systems along with other factors like climate and aesthetical preferences. “With the inception of framed structures, precast and prefabricated façades are going to define the future façades and are sure that prefabrication and modularization strategies are being adopted,” says Anu Prabhakar, Principal Architect/Vice President, Housejoy.

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