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InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer

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InSinkErator a food waste disposer can be the answer to ensure that food waste is disposed right eliminating the need to separate wet and dry waste as well.

An important aspect in waste management at home is the segregation of wet and dry waste. However this is something that is easier said than done. What if there was a way to ensure that wet waste could be dispose effectively while doing the dishes? Well if you have had similar thoughts, there is a product that does exactly this. InSinkErator a business unit of Emerson and the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers is a trusted solution to resolve the household issue of disposing food waste.

The Specifics

The product works by grinding household food waste into tiny particles that can be easily carried via traditional drainage infrastructure. Installed discreetly underneath a kitchen sink, it is a convenient and practical device to dispose food waste instantly which eliminates the need to throw waste in a dustbin, providing you with an eco-friendly solution to dispose kitchen waste. Any type of raw or cooked food waste, be it vegetable/ fruit peels, egg-shells, bones, seeds can be disposed instantly using the InSinkErator. Since the food waste is no longer dumped into dustbins, it reduces foul smell from overnight food waste making the kitchen more hygienic attracting lesser insects, infections and pests. Traditionally, food waste travels through many stages that impact the environment. Plastic bags are used for collection. Spillages lead to littering. Transport trucks emit fumes. At the dump site, food waste mixes with other waste releasing harmful gases. Using InSinkErator disposers eliminates many of these issues.

International_Evolution 200_Front
International_Evolution 200_Front

The Right Fit

Incidentally an InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer can be installed into any kitchen sink. The only criterion is that the sink hole should be 90 mm in diameter (and this is the case for most Indian sinks). Additionally there should be sufficient space below the sink to fit the product (the approximate height of the product is 35 cm). InSinkErator is available in 5 models in a price range that varies from ₹18990 to ₹67990, depending on the model. “We have noticed a very interesting trend in India. Customers who are environment conscious and want to make a difference are the early adopters of this product. They are investing in many such technologies that are environment friendly and have an impact at a large scale. Amongst these, customers who are setting up a modular kitchen are instant buyers. As the InSinkErator brand disposers are much more durable, quiet and efficient than any other brand available in India, we are seeing a high growth in the business,” says Shirish Adi, Vice President and Managing Director – India, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions.

Tech Talk

The InSinkErator’s is built in with topnotch multi-grind technology which grinds food waste into tiny particles that are then flushed down the drain into the main sewerage system, without clogging. The InSinkErator’s patented Sound Limiter™ insulation and Anti-vibration mount® technology ensure that they produce very little noise versus a typical food disposer. “Moreover, none of the InSinkErator models have blades, making it safe to use hands for pushing down the food waste into kitchen sink-hole. The product operates by using an AC induction motor which ensures a maintenance free long life of the product and a hassle-free user-experience. The electricity consumption of a food waste disposer amounts to only 3-4 Kilo Watt annually which costs ₹50 rupees a year,” says Adi. InSinkErator disposers are the market leader in most global markets. In India the idea is to expand to as many cities as possible to be able to make it more conveniently available for consideration and purchase for as many customers as possible.

Fact File

  • Details on where to buy the product are available on the ‘Where to Buy’ section of the InSinkErator India Website – 
  • The products are available in many of the kitchen appliances and modular kitchen stores in Tier I cities. 

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