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Interior Trends 2023

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Greenlam Industries has forecasted six interior trends that will rule the year for 2023 and renowned architects decode them.

These trends are not restricted to specific interior spaces but are applicable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Cool Minimalism
Simple and elegant. Neutral atmosphere, natural coloration mixed with medium grey, neutral motives & neutral colors is the overall mood for these spaces. Comfort that is too simple and easy to live with but not very boring, stripy woods, graphics, looks simple with modernity in terms of material and textures, simple neat designs, dry and quiet graphic.

Cozy Elegance
This trend is a very decorative trend with influence of the 30’s & the 70’s. It includes very theatrical marbles and Woods mainly Walnuts in medium colours. There is a warm feeling in this trend with mixing of rich elements like gold and brass details.

Shelter Chic
Influenced by ‘the current times’ Protection is the essence. It’s quiet casual & masculine but beyond comfort, its also secure, safe, quiet and easy to live with exuding protection a lot of marbles in greys, neutral colours. A lot of textile and medium toned woods are used here. It’s a combination of modernity and comfort. Good for hotels, modern, simple, natural, safer., effortless comfort, easy, neutral, natural, uses textile, cane, curtain, wool.

Vibrant 80’s
Its very positive, vibrant, full of life, colorful, joyful, eclectic, no limits, no barriers, experimental, youthful and full of life. Just like different moods of life it combines different materials, although its larger than life its very coherent, simple and fun. Its paves a new way for interiors that are stylish, very powerful but strike the right balance.

As the name suggests this trend represents a durability, evergreen and very traditional in terms of spaces and that never go out of style. Its warm, very farm house kind comfort with use of Teak, Walnut and Mahogany woods. It’s a more mature and classic.

Mood for Grey
Black is not a colour, it’s a style. Playing with drama , black provides the greatest contrast when teamed with white. If you use it in a smart way, black gives an elegant and sophisticated air to interior space. The colour trend is moving from deep black to light shades of Black and Grey.

Read the full story that first appeared in Architect & Interiors Magazine’s July 2023 issue here:

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