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Interview Simrun Chopra

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Simrun Chopra is a mother and fitness entrepreneur who teaches people to stay fit by giving practical advice that has helped thousands of women.

After she got married and was pregnant with her son, Chopra realized that something was wrong with her as she could not bear the weight of her own child and crumbled under health conditions like PCOD and Endometriosis.

Simrun Chopra Founder -Nourish With Sim and Deep Health Coach
Simrun Chopra Founder -Nourish With Sim and Deep Health Coach

This is when she realized that her regular lifestyle needs some modification and made basic changes to her daily food habits, added 30 minutes of workouts with no fancy diets, and was able to make herself healthier and stronger. She then took a formal education in nutrition, diet and deep health which helped her formulate the right kind of program for the modern Indian woman.

Read the full interview that first appeared in Seema Magazine’s June 2021 issue here:

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