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Interview with Roma Narsinghani, Conceptual Jewelry Designer

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Roma Narsinghani, Conceptual Jewelry Designer has chartered a trajectory where she has patrons from regular clientele to celebrities.

For someone who has always been inspired by architecture and structural accents, Roma’s jewellery designs are bespoke and unique. Naturally then she has a loyal patron in actor Sonam Kapoor as well. However her design journey is as interesting too. In March 2016 when she was getting married, she came across a hair bun cage with stones on it and decided to recreate it by adding her own spin to the design so that she could wear it for one of the ceremonies. She eventually began to assist on shows at Fashion Week and would wear a lot of her own pieces to work. She was spotted by a few buyers and friends in the industry who insisted they wanted a piece. It was then that she decided to experiment with designing more pieces and created a small first collection. The rest is to use a cliché, history. She tells us more.

Tell us something about your early years and education?

I think I knew I wanted to work in a creative field when I was in my fourth grade. I geared myself towards art and design at every opportunity; I started with fine art and moved on to a fashion and a print BA degree at Central Saint Martins’ London.

What veered your interest towards jewelry?

Jewelry was an organic transition, I was making pieces for myself and mostly everyone who saw me wear my jewelry had something to say about it, eccentric, unique, beautiful or how they could order it. Based on the feedback I received, I became a jewelry artist.

Tell us about your journey to date from fashion intern to concept jewellery designer?

Internships seem a lifetime ago, my first ever internship was with Manish Arora and one that is one I will never forget. He inspired me and his aesthetics made me confident enough to understand and create pieces that can be unique yet functional.

Can you explain how you integrate Art Deco heritage in your designs?

Honestly, art deco is one of my many inspirations. It is the Art Deco structure that I like to convert into 2D and create pieces that are intricate with geometric Art Deco details.

Roma Narsinghani jewellery
Roma Narsinghani jewellery

Tell us about your upcoming collections?

We are working on our festive collection at the moment and have an ongoing collaboration with Rehwa coming up soon. Rehwa is a non-profit organization that revives Maheshwari textiles. We are including scraps of textiles and threads to merge it brass. It is extremely experimental and colourful making it a perfect addition for your festive collection.

As celebrities also patronise your jewellery how do you feel? What is your take?

It feels great when people appreciate our work. We love that our customers and celebrities love the pieces as much as we love creating them. It is reassuring to know that everyone is willing to experiment with out of the box pieces.

What are the new jewellery trends you are seeing?

Following the trend of flower crowns in the last couple of years, the new headband trend is all about being delicate while still being a statement piece. Metal hair bands whether geometric or floral are trending. Statement earrings have always dominated jewelry. Lavish drop tassel/ mismatch earrings are definitely a must have and they flow well with the 80’s party trend. The Lariat Neckpiece is a new necklace shape that takes supports the shift away from the choker. Industrial chains, charms, circular links with a hint of mother or pearl or Kundan with a casual feel will set the tone for these. Hair Buns are perfect for a bad hair day. It is a piece that is perfect in the day or a night out. It also gives the wearer two pieces in one as the bun stick can be worn separately too. Again styles can vary from geometric or floral. Our star spiral bun and swirl hair bun are our bestsellers for all seasons.

Roma Narsinghani jewellery
Roma Narsinghani jewellery

What are your future plans?

I want to keep going and innovate with every collection. This year has been a transition for us to move into the European market. We are so happy to have received the sustainable design award at Helsinki fashion week. We are also chosen by the deputy editor of vogue Italia to participate at the super talent event organized during Milan fashion week in September.

Who or what inspires you?

It is very difficult to name just one person. Everyone is inspiring in some way or another. Travel is a key aspect for me to get inspired; exploring new places is also a huge boon for inspirational ideas and learning new techniques.

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