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Jackets that tell a story

Spread the love is a brand that merges the story of a jacket with upcycling and craftsmanship to create a garment that is so much more than what meets the eye.

India has been a land of jackets whether it is the Sherwani, Bandhgala and the Nehru jacket. Designer Payal Jaggi has given jackets a twist with Kantha fabric and a revival story. was started in 2012 as a home linen brand which soon branched into upcycled premier clothing for women using primarily Kantha fabric. Kantha, a popular form of embroidery from West Bengal is made on cotton saris.

Kinche and Kaito are two brands which are dedicated to upcycling and reducing the waste in the environment. While Kinche makes clothing with vintage fabric, Kaito is dedicated to procuring organic overstocked fabric from various companies across India. The fabrics are organic and embellishments azo free and biodegradable.

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