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Jaquar Group Design Confab – Vadodara

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As part of its ongoing webinar series Architects & Interiors had leading architects from Vadodara highlight the importance of regional heritage and context in design in the second episode of the Jaquar Group Design Confab with a focus on Vadodara. Preservation of regional heritage and culture has largely been compromised as cities develop. However, the time has come to revisit the past, rediscover forgotten indigenous design styles and repurpose age-old architectural techniques to suit the local climatic conditions and context.

The city of Vadodara has an architecture that is enduring and its chequered history has defined its building scene. It is imperative to incorporate local ethos into design and craftsmanship and traditional designs are important determinants of contemporary architecture. Restoring old buildings while keeping its ethos intact has been a key way on connecting the past and present.

Read the full story that first appeared in the January 2021 issue of Architects & Interiors Magazine here:

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