Jiva Spa at Taj Westend

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A spa outing at Jiva Spa in Taj Westend is all about holistic rejuvenation the traditional Ayurvedic way.

Jiva Spa Reception
Jiva Spa Reception

As a natural healing science that has a history of over 5000 years, Ayurveda comes with a body of research that is hard to beat. Naturally rejuvenation techniques based on Ayurveda are always top notch. And when it is backed by the Taj Group who has associated with Haoma Wellness to come up with their special line of Ayurvedic treatments, you know this is like no other.

Jiva Spa Exterior
Jiva Spa Exterior

Holistic Wellness

As I made my way to the Jiva spa on an overcast afternoon, it was the natural environs and beautiful flora and fauna of the Taj Westend that set the tone for the session ahead. I am welcomed at the beautiful reception with a detox welcome drink made with lemon, tulsi and jaggery. Before the actual treatment I meet with the vaidya’s (physicians) Dr. Shaji Kannoth and Dr. Ajitha Pottirayil who do a detailed analysis of my lifestyle. The consultation involves checking of my naadi (pulse) after which the doctor advices me to meditate for better sleep and also gives me a special oil to use on my neck area that is clearly stressed with excessive use of my laptop. After a detailed assessment that is noted in a file, I am advised to take the Abhyanga with steam. Interestingly the oils used in the massage have been specially formulated by Haoma Wellness and unlike regular Ayurvedic oils, are light, non-sticky and smells nice while maintaining the balance of herbs.

Jiva Spa Treatment Room
Jiva Spa Treatment Room

Abhyanga Treatment

The special Ayurvedic treatment room has a relaxation room, a changing room, separate shower and bathroom and a large treatment room done in wood. My therapists Rekha from Mangalore and Babee from Manipur give me disposable undergarments and ask me to change. At Jiva spa the guests are considered God in line with the philosophy of Athithi Devo Bhava.

Jiva Spa Treatment Room
Jiva Spa Treatment Room

The treatment starts with a foot cleansing ritual using a warm water and a special formulation of ajwain (for rejuvenation), ashwagandha (for stimulation) and lemon (for refreshing). After this the therapists sanitize their hands and say a prayer to Dhanvantri the God of Medicine before starting the treatment. After this I am asked to sit for a head massage which is done using the Haoma Ksheerabala Oil a special herbal preparation known for its beneficial effects on the hair. The neck massage (again done in seating position) is with Ceespo, a natural healing oil for the neck and shoulder. After this I am asked to lie on my back and the body massage is done using Haoma Gold, a natural oil to destress and rejuvenate. Both the therapists do the massage together using a syncronised movements and long strokes. The deft hand movements coupled with the right amount of pressure ensures that all the aching muscles in my body are in a state of bliss. After this I am asked to turn and lie on my stomach and the massage continues on the back of my body. The two pair of hands working in tandem is a great way to relax and enjoy the massage in its entirety. After the massage, I am led to a wood casket for a steam session. After this, I am asked to take a shower and as I sip my detox tea after the session I am completely relaxed. My therapist bids me goodbye with a jasmine garland and I head back to the Vaidya who takes my feedback on the session. In all this is a lovely way to spend the afternoon in the lap of nature.

Jiva Spa Reception
Jiva Spa Reception

Fact File

Name of The Spa: Jiva Spa, Taj West End (Ayurveda Centre)

Established: August 2018

Founders: NA

Architect: MayaPraix

Area/Size: 500 sq. ft.

Treatment rooms: 1

Number of estheticians: 6

Signature Treatment: Shastika Sali Pinda Swedam and Nasyam

Timings: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Contact: 6660 5660

Address: Taj West End, #25, Race Course Road, Bengaluru- 560001

Website: https://taj.tajhotels.com/en-in/taj-west-end-bengaluru

Oils used in Jiva Spa
Oils used in Jiva Spa


This story first appeared in Style Speak Magazine’s October 2018 issue here: SS Oct 2018_spa_review

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