Jivika Naturals – interview with Rahul Patel

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Jivika Naturals, a brand of Healthy Foods Enterprise is a ‘Make in India’ brand that merges local knowledge and art of sourcing material to create a range of natural products.

Started in 2016 and co-founded by Rahul Patel Jivika Naturals is based out of Hyderabad whose product range is derived from local farming clusters and communities. A portion of the sales proceeds are given back to the cluster of farmers part of the supply chain. Rahul tells us more in this exclusive conversation.

What led you to start Jivika Naturals?

Jivika Naturals came into existence in 2016 as we were observing current trends in the market and in lifestyles of people, like the eating and food patterns were changing. We thought that healthy foods should be a part of every meal and that’s how we came into the market with the vision of making every kitchen. Our main motto is to promote natural products, working with farmers and trying to uplift their current situation. We try to provide them with basic necessities that they were lacking.

Rahul Patel-Co-founder Jivika Naturals
Rahul Patel-Co-founder Jivika Naturals

What makes you a ‘Make in India’ brand?

All are products use the knowledge of food preparations from rural India, which has been the backbone of the country. All the products that we have are the result of using traditional Indian methods and natural best quality raw materials available. Our A2 ghee is made as per Indian Ayurveda process of bilona ghee where butter is churned from fermented yogurt or curd. This process helps generate good bacteria and enzymes that enhance the flavour and make it healthiest of all food ingredients.

Details about your product range.

We have an interesting range of kitchen essentials like Vedic A2 desi ghee, Apple cider vinegar, Rock salt, Jaggery (Gur). Apart from this we are coming up with Cold Pressed Oils like Peanut oil, Safflower oil, Sesame oil, Mustard oil and the very popular Virgin Coconut oil. All our products are made with utmost love and care.

Tell us about your work with local farming clusters and communities?

We have been constantly and regularly working with local farmer communities and workers to make the processes easier, safer and sustainable. By safer, we mean not using any kind of chemicals or pesticides in growing the crops, that releases harmful toxins that effect the health of workers on farm fields. Our work involves cooperation with farmers and spreading their local knowledge on growing foods through our end products.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar

How do you ensure to use original methods of making the final product?

All are products are not mass produced, they are artisanal products. Our products take time to produce and hence the processes are longer, time-consuming and original. We also ensure each product meets stringent quality check standards and the same is also ensured for processing and packaging too.

How do you give back to the cluster of farmers who were involved in the supply chain?

We work closely, not only with the farmers, but also with the Gwalas (Cowherd community). We contribute a part of our earnings towards a separate organization called Jivika Cows Foundation, that is involved in welfare activities like cow protection, farmers/gwalas kids’ education, shelter/ventilation for cows, women welfare and the like. We have been constantly striving to uplift the standards of their living in whichever way possible.

Tell us about what makes your ghee special?

Our A2 ghee is desi ghee which is made from the milk of Indian origin desi cows that have the highest volume of A2 protein, which has got enormous health benefits for all age groups. Moreover, the process that we follow to make this artisanal ghee is as per Ayurveda science, ghee made from whole milk, from which fermented curd is extracted which is churned to butter known to be a healthy and nutritious option. Pure Khao, Healthy Khao, is our new hashtag working towards building India’s health food brand.  

What kind of work do you do with cows?

Through Jivika Cows Foundation, we contribute a certain amount towards their health, protecting cows from being slaughtered. We donate amounts to organisations that work for welfare of cows, save them from being transited to slaughter houses.

What are your future plans?

We don’t wish to grow aggressively, we want a steady and an ethical growth. We wish to spread across India, but only when we have the capacity in terms of production without effecting the originality of the products and most importantly the processes we follow. We will be coming up with a couple of more products in the coming years, for which our dedicated teams keep travelling and working closely with farming and other communities and also looking out for more to collaborate with.

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