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Joules by Radhika

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Joules by Radhika is an eponymous brand of luxurious jewelry for women who loves to feel and look royal.

A luxury fashion jewelry brand based in Mumbai, Joules By Radhika has an extensive collection of contemporary and western jewelry that matches aesthetics of jewelry with Radhika Chitalia’s passion for design.

JBR entered the business of jewelry 15 years ago exporting jewelry to wholesalers across the globe. This ability to create beautiful artistic designs has given the brand a distinct name that stands apart in the industry.

Joules by Radhika
Joules by Radhika

JBR is a brand of jewelry that recreates the opulence of Indian beauty. They specialize in necklaces and earrings and roll out a new collection every month. The brand is meant for women who aspire to look different and who do not settle for anything less than superior workmanship in terms of both quality and design.

Radhika practices yoga and meditation every day. She retails her jewelry online which is a great platform that is helping her expand her reach.

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