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Junk Food Craving

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As much as you crave junk food, here is how to look at alternates that are healthy and will also satiate you.

Changing family dimensions have meant that more people are stepping out to work which leaves them with less time to cook. Added to this was access to cheap meals at restaurants serving ‘fast food’ and this meant that in the race to save time, health became the first victim.

Junk food are usually readily available and have less nutrient value which often are high in sugar, salt, and trans-fat. Some examples of junk foods include fast food, burgers, French fries, carbonated drinks, chips, desserts, and chocolates.

Acute /chronic stress is known to release a hormone called cortisol which further causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels thereby increasing cravings.  Long gaps between meals can cause a dip in sugar levels in blood and cravings to ensue. Disrupted and disturbed sleep patterns play havoc with the hunger and satiety hormones, and ghrelin makes one reach out for sweet, sugary, salty, or starchy junk food.

The best way to stay away from junk food is to keep yourself well hydrated all day and ensure you have small and frequent home-cooked meals. Learning to cope with stress by breathing techniques and meditation or counselling, eating adequate protein at each meal, prepping up meals in advance and reaching out for healthier alternatives like carrot/cucumber sticks with dips, cut fruit with yoghurt, nuts and seeds go a long way in curbing the urge for binging on junk food.

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