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K. Ullas Karanth, emeritus director, Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS)

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Addressing the issues of wildlife conservation separately from that of the broader environmental management issues. 

The primary objective of wildlife conservation is different from Environmentalism that primarily aims to make the world a better place for just one species, the human beings. Environmentalist views wild species and wilderness, merely as factors that enhance human wellbeing. This fuzzy thinking often harms the survival of endangered species by ignoring real contradictions that need to be resolved to save remnants of nature in our crowded planet.  

Resistance of the present forest bureaucracies to any change, and their honed skill to turn any initiative funded by the government into a welfare scheme for themselves. Conservationist scientists and activists who should be offering sharp critiques of what is going on also appear to have been cowed down and muted.

Public participation such as that exists now is often emotion- driven, rooted in sentimental love for individual animals – including even super-abundant domestic animals like dogs and cattle that are destructive of wild nature.   

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