Kabini – Photo Essay

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The beautiful jungles of Kabini and Nagarhole give you a great insight into the wild side of Karnataka.

What makes this jungle unique is that it sees the largest conglomeration of Asiatic elephants – over 1400 of them who come together from other jungles in summer in search of water.

Kabini is also the jungle that offers a river safari apart from land safaris as the river flows through the jungle that gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore the wonders of the abundant wildlife.

Kabini is also home to a rare melanistic leopard – a pitch black panther who is the star of the jungle.

Here are some images that I shot on a recent trip.

The Temple Female is a tiger who lives in the jungles of Kabini
Blue Jay the state bird of Karnataka
Spotted Deer
Indian pond terrapin
Wild Boar
Asiatic elephant
Chestnut headed bee eater
Cuckoo Hawk
Red headed Ibis
Grey Wagtail
White Bellied woodpecker

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