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A home in Mumbai that reflects the personality of its young owners is all about making a designer home with a personal touch.

The project presented a peculiar opportunity to reflect and reconceive the notion of home as a cradle of belonging, in spite of it not being lived in on the daily. The theme finds it’s grounds in an antithesis of dialogues, minimalistically warm and luxuriously understated.

Brands used include Jaipur Rugs, AKFD (Jaipur), Magnolia, WestElm, Cotton & Satins, White Teak, Hatsu and paintings from Anilla Govindappa and Richa Kashelkar.

“Many argue that a style cannot be defined. It is a component of culture, reflecting economic and social substrates in its design. It transmits ideas and values inherent in every culture across space and time. Its role changes through time, acquiring more of an aesthetic component here and a socio-educational function there. The details incorporated in the interiors of this house create continual intrigue making the otherwise overwhelming space very intimate and liveable. I personally recommend the idea of creating an intentionally imperfect or unfinished interior is popular among designers,” says Kavan Shah, Principal architect.

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