Khadi Fabric

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India’s original fabric Khadi is getting a chic makeover courtesy a slew of designers who are creating contemporary garments from them.

Khadi courtesy Sims designer studio
Khadi courtesy Sims designer studio

Khadi represents India’s ancient handmade textile traditions that goes back to 400 BC according to the Greek historian, Herodotus. Khadi is also known as khaddar and is a versatile fabric and may be starched to give a stiff texture. Gandhi not only elevated the idea of handwoven clothes but also encouraged the idea of minimalism, by wearing the only dhoti himself.

As Khadi is made of cotton, farmers can earn from it and it is eco-friendly and sustainable as well. It is porous, austere, simple and hence helps the wearer make a statement about their lifestyle and values. In India, it has a deeper meaning as it connects you to the freedom movement, to Gandhi and to all those who believe in his values.

Sustainability is the way forward for the textile industry and Khadi is a fabric that naturally fits into this narrative. Increasingly, people are also looking at making organic choices for their clothing and this has augured well for khadi. People want to look fashionable and trendy but simultaneously remain culturally connected and that is best possible with Khadi outfits.

Read the full story that first appeared in Apparel magazine’s Oct 2021 issue here:

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