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New age kitchens are all about form meeting functionality with a touch of technology and artificial intelligence.

The last two years have seen a lot of changes in our lifestyle, which is reflected in the way interior design for homes, especially kitchens, is currently being approached. The hearth is the heart and soul of a home, and the importance of a happy kitchen cannot be stressed enough.

Appliances, equipment, and materials based on advanced technologies are in the bank of new launches for kitchen spaces.

Biophilic kitchen design by Najumi Anees, Livpreneur at Livspace
Biophilic kitchen design by Najumi Anees, Livpreneur at Livspace

With the arrival of modular kitchens, the open kitchen concept has taken center stage and is seen as a widespread home trend in India. It makes the kitchen look brighter and airy. The best part about open kitchens is they have minimalist designs and are equipped with luxurious features such as spacious cabinets, double door refrigerators, sinks, built-in ovens, and an eat-in counter.

Grounded living is reflected in slow, intuitive cooking practices that reinstate age-old traditions, as well as in the use of natural materials. Due to the pandemic more and more people are veering towards sustainable and conscious living. The incline is towards minimalism as far as design philosophies are concerned.

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