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Kitchens are evolving to become spaces where social life is coming to the forefront even as it sheds its image of just a space to cook.

Designing kitchens as functional spaces going beyond the conventional realm while balancing practicality and aesthetics is what is piquing the interests of architects and designers.

Kitchen spaces these days are becoming modern and minimalist with optimum functionality. Kitchen renovation is now one of the top priorities on the list of every household.

Courtesy Action Tesa
Courtesy Action Tesa

In an era of everything convenient and stylish, kitchen spaces are also catching up in terms of innovations, designs, and product ranges. The concept of built-in appliances in kitchens is on the high rise.

The use of glass, hydraulic mechanised doors and drawers, modular cabinets and smart electronic equipment embodies the current trends of a well-designed functional kitchen.

Modern spaces pay homage to this living kitchen. The modern dream kitchen is a cozy space, warm materials and furnishing with individual character merge with an open plan kitchen that is perfect for social gatherings.

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