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Krsna Mehta’s Alibaug Home

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Krsnaa Mehta’s Alibaug Home, Vrindavan Awas marries the timeless expression of Indian aesthetic with contemporary hues to create a space that is a riot of colour.

Krsnaa Mehta often speaks about his inspiration for his decor and how it comes from the diverse flora, fauna and history of India and is the original flagbearer of décor with an Indian sensibility.

His Alibaug Home Vrindavan Awas is an ode to his love for colour and extravagant wallpapers. Parallel living rooms with each wall adorning a different wallpaper showing contrasting colours come together beautifully. Another element that is consistent is the flora and fauna which is an intrinsic design element of the house woven into each corner.

Krsna Mehta's Alibaug Home
Krsna Mehta’s Alibaug Home

The wall arts in the house are supposed to mesmerise you and take you on a journey. If you see the wallpapers, each of them have elements of nature. They tell a wonderful little story of how one travels from within the house to outside it.  It literally communicates how nature plays the  most important role in the storytelling through these visual delights.  These romantic, magical sort of designs lend a sense of warmth and you can feel the beauty of the surroundings through every element”, says Krsnaa Mehta.

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