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Laminates in Home Décor

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In today’s times, laminates are not just limited to simple wooden designs or solid colours but are shifting to a conceptual and artistic side of design. Laminate brands are adding new designs to their lineup to ensure that they add to the aesthetic beauty of the interiors of a space.

Laminate is made from pressing thin layers of paper and plastic resins. The upper layer is then printed in the beautiful finish that you see all around you. It is used as the most common finishing material over MDF, plywood and particle board.


Digital laminates are making a return with new concepts, beautiful motifs and contemporary lines and curves. They portray sophistication and are a complete game changer for the appearance of the space. The best recommended laminates would be waterproof and stone laminates.

Laminates are an integral part of home decor and with the new product launches by various brands it is also becoming a preferred choice. The finishes of most wood veneers are achievable, and a series of polish finishes like high gloss or matte finish are also available.

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