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Land Genetics: Earth Human Connect

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Land Genetics is a new way of looking at our earth’s impact on human beings and the things we do, and methods to tap the potential of this phenomenon to our advantage.

An engineer by profession and a building biologist by passion, Dipak Agrawal, a national award winner has been a reliable friend, guide and philosopher to businesses and residences across the globe for the past two decades. He has dedicated his life to developing and executing the field of Active Living Science helping clients succeed in their goals and transformed the mind-set of enterprises and individuals across India as well as across the globe to realise their dreams through by harnessing the power of Land Genetics. He tells us more in this exclusive tête-à-tête.


Tell us about the initial days of your career and your career path to date?

I battled the conservative engineering concepts with his ground breaking theory of Land Genetics earning many clients including who’s who individuals and large conglomerates. I have given 30 years of my life of the study of this and multiple subjects related to this direction. I immersed myself in research and findings on this topic with references from world over. I am a civil engineer by profession. Soon after my engineering studies in late 80’s, I entered into Civil Engineering projects. Initially I started with reconstruction and residential building works. Later I ventured into large public infrastructure projects. This particular tenure was successful with high role and accolades from societies and government bodies for quality work. But this path soon shifted tracks for some bigger.

What got you interested in Land Genetics?

During my tenure as a Civil Projectprenuer I was not only interested in including the project, but success of the project for me was also the wellbeing of the incumbents, business establishments and general public. Hence I started keeping a track of the facilities and infra beyond the project completion. That’s when I started noticing strange patterns and anomalies. This led me to study in depth about rare findings on the phenomenon of land/ infra impacting the incumbents/ users. Further study of ‘Bau Biologie’ and Geo-Anthropological interactions opened up a new stream of idea that seem to answer my observations with specific root cause to each instances. It was either connected with the Net Potential difference of the location, or Electro-magnetic waves, or Differential Weight distribution. A friend of mine coined the word- Land Genetics, which was an accumulation of my studies for the past 3 decades. The study is continuing and ever evolving and formalising the same is my next milestone.


Please explain Land Genetics in simple words.

Researches have shown that the earth and other physical properties of our environment have profound impact in the psycho-somatic reactions of the human body. This is in turn directly impacts the way we think which in turn affect our decision making. As we see it, business is a collection of decisions, both logical and emotional, to the given situations. On close analysis we can identify the specific areas of impact and can demonstrate through live example of the earth-environment’s effect on a specific individual performance. We call this the genetic engineering of non-living entities where by the way the earth interacts with us can be modified for desired outcome. 

Can you explain how you have helped your clients succeed in their goals by harnessing the power of Land Genetics?

If a business can retain an efficient self-inspired workforce, which takes the optimal decision and decisive action in the appropriate time, the business thrives, despite market challenges. Applying the methods of land genetics our effort would be to intervene such that all positive stake holders are benefited and business goals and regulations are integrated creating a 3600 sustainable welfare pyramid in a timely and quantifiable process. This method is agile enough to act as a vehicle for other interventions and systems.

How hard is it for people to understand this concept and look at it as a problem solving tool?

It is a perception shift, and like all other perception changes, this will also take its due time but eventually it will be accepted. I foresee it as a huge movement.

What are your future plans for the business?

It would be a dream come true if the government or the authorities initiate or allow further research on this topic at some of the renowned educational institutions. I would be very happy if there are some Indian brains studying this science further and establishing certain facts. I wish to educate the masses by writing a book on this subject, it is so intriguing.

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