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Make a Wish this New Year

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There are several New Year traditions practiced across the world that are associated with good luck that are lesser known.

It’s another New Year and time for good tidings. After all, starting the year on a good note, especially in the light of the pandemic has assumed renewed importance. We list seven such traditions practiced across the world that are believed to bring good luck.

World over there are traditions that are rooted in tradition and also in memories – here are seven such unique traditions that include everything from breaking cutlery to eating grapes. Yes, you read that right.

  • Eating Grapes for Good Luck in Spain
  • Cemetery Calling in Chile
  • Throwing White Flowers in the Ocean in Brazil
  • Planting Underwater Trees in Russia
  • Hanging Onions in Greece
  • Slurping Soba Noodles in Japan
  • Smashing Plates in Denmark

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