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Make the Most of Tiny Bathrooms

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As homes shrink, bathrooms are becoming smaller but you can use décor to add a spacious dimension.

New age constructions have little or no focus towards the size of the bathrooms largely due to space constraints especially in budget homes. However you can make the most of the space by ensuring the layout and design make it appear visually larger than it actually is.

Layout Matters

To understand and design the layout in a manner that the dry area accommodates more space than the wet area does. In case of powder bathrooms this notion is eliminated altogether as one can use interesting tiles, big mirrors and tiny accents to give the perception of a bigger bathroom. Wallpaper always makes a statement in any room. Distract from the size with feature wallpaper and opt for a unique, bold or interesting print to maximize the impact in a small space like this. Your tiny bathroom space can be elegant, practical and with the right know-how can be space-efficient. There is no need to keep a compact bathroom pure, plain focusing on minimalism. Lovers of vintage style can go for creating their dream scheme. The clever storage area will free a petite bathroom from feeling cluttered and will aid in maintaining a feeling of space with sophistication. Trick the eye with tiles as the amount of space you have and what the eye perceives are not necessarily the same thing. Here one can play with the boundaries of perception by tiling the wall and the side of your bath with the same design. “This will make it hard to differentiate where each begins, thereby making your space feel larger. Marble is particularly effective here as it almost appears like one huge sheet. Be smart with furniture. Make the most of space in compact bathrooms and opt for a tallboy-unit that reaches up to the ceiling for maximum storage or you can pick a mirrored unit which will give the illusion of space to a compact bathroom. Consider using freestanding furniture – storage and seating that so that you can move your scheme around at a moment’s notice,” says Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP.

Design Detail

Most people do not enjoy the luxury of owning a large bathroom and hence have to think of alternate ways to make it look spacious. Every bathroom has to satisfy certain needs such as including basics like the sink, shower or bathing area, and the toilet. No matter how small the space is, these things are must to be shoved in. “You can create the illusion of an expanded ceiling by painting a lattice or molding design around the edge of the ceiling. One can make a small bathroom look strikingly bigger with neutral colours that run up the walls, along the floor and even continue onto the bath and washroom which create a feeling of never ending space and make the room feel boxed in, rather than just breaking up the bathroom into separate areas. A clean, hygienic and neat bathroom always looks larger and spacious than a cluttered and dirty one and therefore, it is advisable to only have a few important must have’s visible in this space,” adds Parikh.

Colour Coded

In a small space, everything counts. You can make your bathroom live up to its full potential by using simple techniques to give it a larger look. Right from choosing the right colour palette, essential but smart fixtures and visual tricks, your bathroom space can appear larger than before. Go in for bright colours to give your bathroom an illusion of being large and spacious look. Remember, you can never go wrong with white. “Colours play a very prominent role is doing that. A combination of bright colours for the ceiling, along with matching flooring and walls, a large rimless mirror and a sleek pedestal basin results in an infinite looking space. Also adding vibrant coloured accessories such as towels and soap dispensers gives the bathroom the desired depth,” says a spokesperson from ARK Melange Associates. Sapana Jian, Principal Designer and founder, I heart Homez avers, “the first step is to determine the colours being used for flooring, tiling, decorating among others, it is essential to use lighter and brighter shades. The next step is to select interesting accents and a good amount of indirect lighting. The position of the mirror also plays an important role, placing it at an angle that best elongates the bathroom and adds to the functionality is key.” Mahesh M, CEO, Creaticity says, “one best way to use lots of whites, white tiles, white paint and white vanity cupboards. Use bright white lighting to add to the bright feel to give the bathroom an open glow. Do not put a rug in the bathroom, it will only attract germs and is considered unhygienic.” Shibani Jain Founder & CEO, Baaya Design adds, “integrate soft colours like a sky blue, shades of white and other such pastel shades into a small bathroom. Keep your fixtures, that is, your wardrobes and towel cabinets to a fuss-free level. They can be bold, like you can have a nice bold finish done on the cabinet and wardrobe, it makes it look bigger and it also adds character to the bathroom. But overall, the aim should be to keep the bathroom clutter-free and bring in lots of natural light.” So let space constraint not deter you – reimagine your bathroom.


  • Keep contrasts low in a small bathroom décor.
  • Refrain from accessorising too much.
  • Do not cut down on ventilation.
  • Best to use floating vanity counters to make the space look lighter
  • Using white accents and the colour as a whole gives the perception of bigger space wherever used.
  • Do not use darker shades on the ceiling it will make the space look tighter.
  • Do not use heavy looking bathroom/sanitary fittings or heavy looking storage units.

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