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Makeup and Skin

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When you use makeup, it is imperative to ensure your skin does not dry and feel irritable and the key is to do it right.

The best thing is to make sure you wash your face first with a gentle face wash which does not rip your skin off all oils to use a hydrating serum or a healing serum as the first layer. Then you use a nice moisturiser or an intense repair or nourishing moisturiser on top of the serum immediately without allowing the serum to get dry.

Applying makeup is fun, but it has its challenges. One of the widespread challenges is skin dryness post makeup. It is a myth that oily skin is not made for moisturising.

What you eat can immediately show up on the skin, especially alcohol. So be careful whether you smoke or not and don’t drink too much alcohol. If you have to drink alcohol then you’re compensated with enough water.

For combination-to-dry skin, it is better to use tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or CC cream instead of heavy cream-based foundations.

A dewy makeup finish isn’t that hard to achieve. Keeping the above aspects in mind can help you not only achieve your good skin goals but also enable you to use makeup to your best advantage.

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