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Makeup Mistakes and how to avoid them

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Using makeup the right way can enhance your look but if you go wrong it can be the opposite of that so make sure you use makeup the right way.

The do’s and don’ts regarding skincare in your quest for a healthy and beautiful complexion & to maintain soft, clean skin, makeup removal is essential phase of the skincare routine. The advantages are vast when you count them. Surely agree that the act of removing makeup after a long day can seem tedious after a long day. But once you do it, the skin can breathe and renew itself while you sleep, not doing so can lead to acne, fine lines and dullness, and premature aging.

  • Not prepping your skin with moisturizer before makeup
  • Never put mascara on lower lashes just before a makeup fixer
  • Choosing the wrong shade of foundation
  • The Necessity of Makeup Removal


  • Clean your hands well before touching your face. Take the necessary amount of makeup remover and place it on a cotton pad. Your face should be cleaned with a cotton pad and makeup remover. Make sure not to rub too forcefully.
  • To ensure that all the makeup and pollutants have been fully removed from the skin, repeat the procedure as necessary.
  • Rinse your face with water to remove any residue.

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