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Mattress in Home Decor

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New age mattress solutions are ensuring that both ergonomics and comfort are taken care of so that the user gets the optimal rest when they use it.

A good night’s sleep is the best way to de-stress, relax and prepare yourself for the next day and a good mattress can do exactly that and more.

Pic: SleepyCat
Pic: SleepyCat

Do it Right

Do you know that on average we spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping? Well, clearly then there should be no compromise when it comes to comfort. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet at times it feels most neglected. This is what happened with Priya Khanna, a housewife from Bengaluru decided to change her mattress. “the market is filled with so many options that is becomes quite confusing. This is when I decided to do some online research on my own and went to a store and lied down on the product and experienced the comfort level before buying it.” Again, even though branded mattresses from good brands are quite durable, it is advisable to change your mattress at least once every 5-7 years and pillows every year. This is important in order to maintain a good hygiene level as the mattress is exposed to dust, germs, sweat, and lot of external factors. Ashutosh Vaidya, Chief Marketing Officer, Kurl-on explains, “a typical mattress consists of three layers and additional layers are added to increase functionality and comfort levels.” Primarily one needs to identify what their body needs before making a purchase. “Unlike the perception, mattress purchase should not be a one-fits-all decision. Different weight and sleep postures result in different pressure point creations in the body. The role of an optimum mattress is to reduce the excessive pressure build in one region and distribute it across the mattress,” says Subodh Mehta, Sr. Vice President (B2C), Godrej Interio. Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattresses avers, “the two main things to keep in mind are the correct size of the mattress (depending on the size of the bed frame), and the firmness level. Also there is very little standardisation of bed and mattress sizes in India hence prominent mattress brands offer the option of customizable sizes.”

New Vistas

Traditionally, factory made coir mattresses have replaced unbranded cotton mattresses across India. In recent times, baby and child mattresses also have been introduced in India, apart from orthopedic mattresses, and high-end hybrid mattresses. Latex mattresses combined with an upper layer of gel memory foam are an interesting upcoming concept which allows the mattress to mold itself perfectly according to the shape of the body, irrespective of the sleeping position. “This allows the spine to align in its natural position, reducing excess pressure on certain points and ensuring healthy blood circulation. A current customer favourite is the re-bonded with foam mattresses since they are not only preferable for orthopedic purposes being recommended for people with back problems but are durable and not too heavy on the wallet” says Mansur Z. Merchant, Managing Partner, AKZ & Co. Anushka Contractor, Interior Designer adds, “a mattress for your home should be about the quality and not only the style since you’ll be spending most of your time on the bed when you are at home. It is completely depends on the end user to choose the right one. Thickness and firmness of a mattress plays an important role. There are types of mattresses available in the market such as memory foam – which is loved by most of the younger crowd. It moulds to the shape and curves of your body to provide a good support.”

Pic: Anushka Contractor
Pic: Anushka Contractor

The Specifics

Consider body pains, especially lower back aches, before making up your mind about the type of mattress you want. For these issues, a mattress that adjusts itself to one’s back is ideal. The ideal mattress should support your back along its natural curves and should not end up giving you back sores in the morning. “Most mattress companies offer a trial period during which one can test the mattress and assess whether it is the right one or not. New mattresses can take a while to adjust to you and hence the trial period can help ascertain the appropriateness of a mattress on each individual,” says K Madhavan, Managing Director, Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd. “Innovations around spine support, temperature control, comfortable fabrics and different formulation are all happening and very few new-age brands are utilizing them to make their products better. So do your own research and then take a well informed decision,” says Ankit Garg, Co-Founder of “You should always know the feeling you want from your mattress since you will be spending 7 to 8 hours sleeping on it each day. Nowadays, providers give smart features like smart zipper covers and memory foam,” says Kabir Siddiq, Founder and CEO – SleepyCat. Sleep is after a basic need so choose the right mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Buying Tips

  • Comfort is key, buy a mattress depending on your age, physical build and sleeping position.
  • The density of the mattress, material and composition must be checked physically.
  • Take your budget and requirement into consideration and build your way up from there.
  • Always procure your goods from an authorised dealer to guarantee your product is authentic.
  • Read the charts that most mattress companies have ready for the right mattress advice.

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